Wedding Cupcakes!

I am so excited to introduce our wedding cupcakes!

Okay, so they aren't anything spectacular at the moment.  This batch was simply a test run to try out the flavors and to use the leftovers at my bridal shower on the 24th.

I was REALLY disappointed at first glance.  The icing looked flat and smooshed and the icing band was too thin - I wanted a really thick, fat icing line and this was too thin.  I was also hoping the icing would be higher and fluffier, but this looked like they were sat on and way too spread out on the cupcake.  AND they smelled like spoiled milk/a foot.  It was probably the buttercream icing, which was good when you ate it, but if you got any on your finger and wiped it off, your finger smelled like old milk later.  Gross.  So, yea, not the best first impression... Fortunately, this all can be changed with a quick call to the cake lady - hopefully she will be able to use a MUCH thicker icing tube thing, use a whipped icing rather than a buttercream, and place the icing more in the center of the cupcake and have it higher, so they don't look like grocery store cupcakes.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm picky!

But once Mom and I actually cut apart the cupcakes to taste test them, I was so happy!
Ignore the black mess on the bottom cupcake - the cake lady was showing us another sprinkle option.  Also, sorry for the poor picture quality... my iPhone wasn't up to performing today.

 The cupcake below is carrot and was the first one we tried.  I had never had carrot cake before (this was Matt's choice), but I fell in. LOVE.  It was so similar to pumpkin (which I love), but had more spice to it and soooooo good - good choice, babe!!!  I actually think I'd rather have carrot cake for our personal tier if it could be just a liiiiiiiittle bit more moist.

Below is the banana cupcake, which was SO moist, very sweet, and decadent. 

And here is the chocolate and peanut butter - it has a white buttercream icing (like all of the rest), but has the peanut butter inside.  This was definitely good too!

There you have it!  Now I'm just waiting for Matt to get home to try these out and pick which one to use for our personal tiers.