Influenster Product Review: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

I have received this product free from Influenster for testing purposes only.
The opinions expressed are my own.

I very rarely enjoy the thrill of being selected to receive a VoxBox, compliments of Influenster.  I know I'm not an active reviewer on their site and I think that I should just magically qualify for all of the great freebies that they give away, but that isn't normally the case.  This time, however, I lucked out!  I had received an e-mail saying that I could be chosen to receive a VoxBox, although it did not tell me what kind.  I always jump at those e-mails, which include a short survey, since my first VoxBox included a ton of great goodies - namely, beautiful false eyelashes and a GIANT bag of Hershey's Kisses!

After submitting my survey and waiting a week or two, I received another e-mail saying that I had been chosen to receive the Neutrogena VoxBox, where I would have the opportunity to test their new Hydro Boost Water Gel!  The package shipped quickly and I received it at my front door TODAY.  I ripped open the package and quickly slathered some on my dry winter hands.  Within seconds, the gel (which smells light and non-obtrusive) was absorbed into my skin and left my hands baby soft!

I can't say for sure if that was the idea Neutrogena had for this Hydro Boost Water Gel, but I would recommend using this product on ANY dry skin that you have.  Next, I will be testing it on my face and chest since winter weather has terrorized those areas on me as well.

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