Sew Inspired

If only the fun of being a full-time "Pinner" existed as an actual career!  Pinterest has turned me into a monster - all I have wanted to do lately is DIY crafts and projects.  Lately, a lot of my pins have included some DIY sewing tutorials, but in that lies the biggest problem of all: 
I don't know how to sew! :(

Despite having half a year of "valuable" 8th grade home-economics education, I don't know the first darn thing about sewing!  If I remember right, I wasn't too horrible at it... although the foot-shaped pillow I chose to make received a "C" grade because I had accidentally sewed 4 toes instead of 5.  Oops!  Sewing in general intimidates the crap out of me.  Well, I suppose I'm more intimidated by the sewing machine itself rather than the actual sewing. 

I may just be looking at sewing through rose-colored glasses.  The whole concept seems so thrifty and fun - being able to make and alter your own clothes (finally! no more too-long dress hems!), saving money, and making things for the home.  I have such a strong desire to learn though, and added a sewing machine to Matt and I's wedding registry as a result (although I don't know if THIS would be a good starter machine...).  I guess my desire to learn is all I can work with at this point!