Book Nook: Plain Truth

Ladies and gentlemen... I have found a book that I LOVED and could NOT put down!
Presenting Jodi Picoult's Plain Truth!

I cannot wait to read this book again, despite knowing the outcome!

Jodi Picoult's Plain Truth tells the story of Amish girl Katie Fisher who has gotten pregnant and given birth out of wedlock.  When the baby is found dead in the family barn, lawyer Ellie Hathaway defends and befriends Katie by staying on the Amish farm with her to build her defense and find out what really happened the night Katie gave birth.

  I love Jodi Picoult's books, especially The Pact and Nineteen Minutes.  Her style of writing is captivating - I struggle to put each book down at night!  Plain Truth was no exception!  Obviously, as a writer, Picoult was not trained in legal matters or Amish culture, but as I was reading this book, it was clear to me that Picoult did her research on both topics very well.  I'm no professional on legal stuff, but I do know a good amount about the Amish - after all I do live in Amish country AND I took a class at Penn State... one could call me a pro at all things Amish ;)

Speaking of Penn State: the book mentions Penn State/State College several times since it is where Katie's excommunicated brother goes to college (and also where Katie got pregnant during a visit to her brother... but that's all I'm saying!).

I HIGHLY recommend this book!