Book Nook: The Hunger Games

It may seem strange that I am posting another "Book Nook," but you wouldn't believe how much reading I have been doing lately!  I've knocked off Plain Truth and now The Hunger Games in one week!

I was skeptical to read The Hunger Games after all the ridiculous hype the movie caused.  I actually resented it a bit because I was so sick of hearing about it!  I gave in and decided to read the book after Kate read me a portion of the second book for a school project.  All it took was an 11-year old's summary of the book/series and I was hooked!  Despite knowing the outcome of this book (thanks, Kate...), I still wanted to read it and will eventually see the movie.  I stopped in at Target tonight and picked up a copy of the second book to begin next.  I thought about breaking them up by reading other books in between, but I realize that wouldn't make much sense and would bother me to no end!

I'd take the time here to try to explain the book briefly, but there is so much detail and reasoning for certain parts of the books that it would take longer than I'm sure anyone would be willing to read.  

While it isn't "Lauren's Top 20 Favorite Books" list worthy, I liked the story - it was creative and interesting - and look forward to what the author does with the next two books.