Book Nook: Catching Fire

Two down, one to go!

 I can see why people obsess about these books - I can't put them down!  After reading the first book, I was into the series, but wasn't sure how I felt about it entirely.  Now, after reading the second, I am tapping my foot waiting by the door for the UPS guy to arrive with my copy of the 3rd (I got a notification saying it was supposed to be delivered today, but nothing so far... COME ONNNNNN!).

While I was waiting at the airport to pick Matt up on Tuesday night, I was reading my copy of Catching Fire, when a lady sat down beside me and started to talk my ear off about how much she loved the second book and the "second one is the best."  Usually I'd be into the conversation, but seeing as I was reading a really good book I didn't want anything to do with it.  I wasn't rude to her, just kept slipping back to reading when she would pause to take a breath...  Thankfully her luggage arrived at baggage claim just then and she left me shortly after to peacefully continue reading my book.

Its a fast read, and I can't exactly say if it was "the best one" yet, but I enjoyed the book a lot.  This was actually the book that Kate read a chapter from that got me hooked on wanting to read the series.  Once again, I knew how the book ended before I began reading it (thanks, Kate...), but was still able to get into the book.  Thankfully, (spoiler alert!) Peeta doesn't exactly die at the end of this like I originally thought, but Collins leaves it up to the next book to explain what is going to happen to him and the people of the now destroyed District 12... which may be why I am so darn impatient for it to arrive already!

Also, I'm not 100% positive on who I'd rather see Katniss end up with: Peeta or Gale.  I think the majority of me is pulling for Peeta... Hmmm...