Book Nook: Three Stages of Amazement

Recently, I have rekindled my long, lost love of reading for pleasure!  I had forgotten how utterly enjoyable reading is and how relaxing downing a chapter (or five!) a night can be.  It has been an incredibly long time since I have been able to read for fun so, I may be the only one who encounters this, after a long absence from reading, I find it difficult to focus on the book's story... this book was no exception.

Three Stages of Amazement focuses on the faltering marriage of Lena and Charlie - two forty-somethings with two young children - struggling with economic hardship and the loss of a newborn baby.  The book jumps around to tell things from the point of view from many different characters - Lena and Charlie's son, Lena's hated uncle, Lena's former (and future) lover, etc.  

I'll be honest... 
I didn't like the book.  
I didn't like Edgarian's style of writing and certainly didn't like the negative picture painted of marriage (especially with my own wedding 2 months away!).  I applaud the honesty and rawness of the couples in the book, and I'm sure there are many, MANY couples in the world going through similar problems, but it was a complete downer.  However, I am thankful for the example it showed me.  I realize how important communication and continually loving someone, despite trying times, is.

Currently, the most trying thing I have had to encounter is being without Matt.  It has been extremely difficult being away from him since the beginning of May, and it is particularly discouraging when I realize I still have another month until I see him again.  I think we have done a good job communicating, but I know that I could do much better being patient and making the best of the situation we are in now.  I'm working on being thankful for this absence from each other because I know, when we are back together, this will have strengthened us and made us appreciate the time we do have together that much more. 

Instead of dwelling too much on that, I've thrown myself head first into moving all my belongings from my apartment to the house.  It is really incredible how much crap you accumulate in 3 years!  I think I've made some decent progress, but I'm not too thrilled about moving allllll of my clothes - that will be at least a day's worth of effort!  I also have some other minor projects I want to get done at the house (painting, organizing, etc.), so I have that and my babysitting job to keep my mind occupied...