Book Nook: Mars & Venus - Together Forever

I actually finished this book about a week ago, but am just now getting around to reviewing it.  The shame...

I read this book in an obvious attempt to learn more about what I could do to improve the skills necessary to maintaining a healthy, lasting relationship.  I'm certainly not concerned that there were or are any problems in Matt and I's relationship, but thought it would provide some good information and helpful tips.

I guess my main complaint is that the entire book is fairly redundant.  A few good tips/topics are presented, but then unnecessarily exaggerated upon for the duration of the book.  How many examples do women need to comprehend a man's need for and benefit from having his own personal space (a.k.a. "cave time")?!  I could probably summarize what I've learned in a few short phrases for both men and women:

listen to your wife when she talks;
don't try to solve her problems - just listen;
don't be offended when your wife complains;
"duck" and "dodge" her complaints;
appreciate what she does;
have "cave time" to feel at ease and "balanced";
let your wife know when you are done with "cave time"

let your man know you appreciate him and his listening skills;
let your man have his "cave time";
pause and prepare;
warn him if you are about to complain;
maintain female-female friendships to feel "balanced"

I shouldn't make this book out to be as terrible as it sounds.  I'm sure the information in it is or would be valuable to some couples or individuals, but I am unhappy that I wasn't able to get more from the book.  I feel that men could GREATLY benefit from reading this since it gives some accurate insight into how women think, feel, react, and communicate, but didn't feel the same benefit as a woman reader.

(Side Note:  You'll find as I review more and more books that I can be very picky/critical!)