*Insert Witty Title Here*

Whoooooof! (that was me letting out a very deep sigh of relief)

I have graduated!  Well, technically, I won't "officially" graduate until August since I have to complete 2 online classes, but I was able to walk in PSU's graduation ceremony on Saturday.  My original graduation date was set as August 11th - the day after my wedding!  Obviously, I had a bit of a conflict with that, but was fortunate that I was granted permission to walk early.

Jenna and I have been together practically since Day 1.
We met our first semester of freshman year in Bio 110 in a lecture hall of over 700 people - talk about fate! It was totally awesome to be able to sit by my best friend of the past 4 years at our college graduation.

DONE... almost!

Me and my parents.

The family (minus Matt who was taking the picture).

I am so grateful to my family and their support they have shown me over the past 4 years.  Without each and every one of them, I would not have been able to enjoy college and mature into the young woman I am currently.  Thank you, everyone!

So... now what?!

Currently, I am at home in my bed with my fat, Garfield-look-alike cat curled up beside me snoring away.  Ahhh, what a life!

Ohh, by the way, I have finished updating our wedding website: http://hemrickbrown.ourwedding.com/