"Hoppy" (late!) Easter

I absolutely love Easter! Not only is a great time to enjoy warmer weather, have fun with family, and eat a lot of candy, but it is most important to understand the actual meaning of this holiday: our Savior, Jesus Christ - He is Risen! I am so blessed with the ability to comprehend and appreciate our Savior's atoning sacrifice. It is something I just want to share with everyone!!! I have such a strong testimony of the atonement and its power, and I recommend that everyone visit LDS.org to learn more about Easter and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Matt and I began our first Easter together by attending the family ward's church service. Since we had plans to spend the day with my family, we decided to go to the earlier service rather than our branch. Unfortunately, my day didn't start off on the right foot - I overslept by 45 minutes and, on the way to get Matt, my entire bag dumped over in the car. I was stressin'! To top it all off, it was a bit of "shock therapy" going to a family ward after only ever going to Penn State's university branch. I don't particularly enjoy listening to upset children and I've been spoiled since joining the church with complete silence during Sunday morning church service... needless to say, my blood pressure was through the roof after church! Despite my high cortisol levels and serious consideration to schedule a hysterectomy ASAP, I enjoyed the service and was looking forward to spending the rest of the day with my family and Matt!

We arrived to celebrate with my Mom's side of the family around noon and enjoyed playing a few rounds of croquet in lovely weather! One of my absolute favorite things is being able to walk around barefoot. I hate having to wear shoes (despite loving high heels!), so it was very refreshing to walk around in the soft grass barefoot! Next, we visited my Dad's side of the family and had a cute, impromptu Easter basket hunt outside. Unfortunately, the weather was much colder now, so I had to wear shoes :( boooo...

BUT... to add to the happiness of the Easter season, I now have yet another reason to celebrate...


Matt caught me completely off-guard by proposing at the Montour Preserve (one of my favorite places at home!) after spending the day with family. We left the Hemrick family's Easter dinner and headed to the Preserve upon Matt's request in the evening. I had thought it weird that he would want to go at night when we definitely had time to stop in-between families, but went with it! And, boy, did it pay off!

So now the fun officially begins! August 10th, 2012 is the date we chose, and there will be many more details falling into place soon. I am the luckiest girl! :)

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