Book Nook: The Weight of Small Things

I really do hate admitting that I didn't enjoy a book.

I often find myself in the book section of Target reading over some of the new releases or "interesting reads."  Which is exactly where I found this time-sucker... With that being said, Sherri Wood Emmons' THE WEIGHT OF SMALL THINGS was painful to get through.

I WANTED to like this book and I TRIED to like this book, but I just couldn't bring myself to get into it.  I had to force myself to get through the book just so I could finish it and move on to another one.  Harsh? Nah... I found this book utterly predictable, boring, cliched, and all the other words that you could use to describe a poorly written book.  

I was intrigued by the main character, Corrie, suffering from not being able to get pregnant.  I was wary when I read something about an old fling coming back into the picture, but bought the book used on Amazon anyway.  And thank goodness I bought it used and not full price!

To sum up the book in as few words as possible:
Corrie is married to "perfect" Mark and they can't get pregnant.
Corrie's best friend, Bryn, finds out she's pregnant by her loser boyfriend, Paul.
Corrie is still hung-up on her college boyfriend, Daniel.
Daniel left Corrie long-ago, and Corrie then found out she was pregnant.
Corrie had an abortion without telling Daniel.
Daniel comes back into the picture after a class reunion.
Corrie flies out to LA to "interview him for an alumni magazine article."
Corrie and Daniel sleep together.
Corrie finds out she's pregnant and isn't sure if it is Daniel's or Mark's.
Corrie tells Mark and he divorces her.
Bryn leaves Paul and moves in with friend, Bob, who is going through a divorce.
Corrie finds out she's is having Daniel's baby.
Bryn and Bob begin dating.
(Asleep yet?!)
Corrie's sister is in an accident and Daniel supports her through it.
 There is a tornado and Corrie goes into early labor.
Daniel flies back out to be with Corrie.
Corrie has the baby early, but it's fine.
Bryn then has her baby.
Bryn and Bob get married.
Mark misses Corrie.
Daniel promises to be with Corrie and their baby.
Corrie chooses Daniel.

Yea, been there, done that, right?!  The whole story was predictable and totally done before.  Not a single character was likeable, not even Bob's kids from his previous marriage.  I know - ouch!  I realize how terribly harsh I'm sounding, but I really think this book was a hugeeeee waste of time.